The left thinks that Trump could never win the popular vote. They can’t seem to figure out that if the popular vote was what mattered Trump would have run a different campaign in order to win. Silly Democrat Socialists.

Rather than think through the consequences, Democrats run full steam ahead with attempting to wreck the constitution and make arrangements to by-pass the electoral college.

The source item makes the case that not only is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) an unconstitutional interstate compact but that there are three additional ways that the NPVIC is both unconstitutional and dangerous.

Constitutional Flaw #1: Non-Republican Form of Government

A fundamental problem with the NPVIC is that it is inherently not a republican form of government for a specific state to select that state’s Electors. Once a state Legislature decides to ask its citizens their preference through a popular vote, there must be a rational basis as to how the vote of the state’s citizens is used to select that state’s electors. It is not rational that the people’s decision could be overruled by the votes of citizens of unrelated states.

Constitutional Flaw #2: Popular Vote Coercion

Many states have used methods other than the popular vote to select their presidential electors in our nation’s history. The NPVIC would force states to hold popular votes for president or lose power within our constitutional republic. This coercion would occur since unless states held a popular vote, and their votes were added into the national total, they would lose power relative to the states in the NPVIC.

Constitutional Flaw #3: Removal of Critical Safety Mechanism

As the number of candidates for election increases, the likelihood of having an extreme candidate receive the most popular votes goes up dramatically.

Just because the Democrat Socialists are convinced that “Orange Man Bad” justifies extreme actions, doesn’t make them smarter than our founding fathers who crafted a brilliant presidential election system. Democrat Socialist stupid = Stupid squared.