If anyone needs a ride to go vote – I want to help.

With the primary election less than a month away and given the surprise announcement that our polling location has changed, there are likely quite a few West Conshy residents that will need help getting to the new polling location. I’m looking for help finding out who these folks are and then finding drivers to help get them to the polls.

Usually on election day, I’m manning the polls as a poll watcher. I’m willing to give that up for this primary and spend my time instead, driving people to the polls. If anyone else wants to be a poll driver let me know. [hopefully is goes without saying is doesn’t matter what party the driver or rider happen to belong to]

Keep in mind due to the covid-19 status, a driver has to be willing to disinfect their car and wear a mask and follow hand cleaning protocol; we wouldn’t want to make anyone sick. [given that, if anyone has disinfectant or hand sanitizer they can donate that would be very helpful]

Please, ask your friends and neighbors (especially those that are not on Facebook and don’t use email) if they need help getting to the Gulph school on June 2nd. If you find someone who needs a ride, please let me know (would also help to know if they usually vote mornings, in the afternoon or evenings).

There is a lot of uncertainty around this election. How many people will vote by mail? Will the polling locations have enough staff and scanners? How much will “social distancing” slow down the process? For planning purposes I’m assuming that each voter round-trip will take approximately an hour. So, taking some time for lunch, each driver could take ~12 voters over to Gulph.

Contact me Guy Davis at either gdavispa@yahoo.com or 610 834-8431.