Stacy Garrity has defeated incumbent State Treasurer Joe Torsella. Garrity, a 30-year military veteran who was awarded two Bronze Stars, is the first Republican to win the office since 2000.

Stacy joins Auditor General-elect Tim DeFoor as our new watchdogs in Harrisburg to finally hold the Wolf administration accountable! This is the first time Republicans have held both offices at once since 1956!

Republicans have flipped two state House seats, and are in the lead to flip 2 more! Progressive PACs spent tens of millions of dollars to flip the Pennsylvania house, this effort failed miserably – House Republicans actually expanded their majority by several members.

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman called on Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar to resign immediately, “Twice in the last two days, the Secretary of State has fundamentally altered the manner in which Pennsylvania’s election is being conducted. The constantly changing guidance she has delivered to counties not only directly contradicts the Election Code language she is sworn to uphold, but also conflicts her own litigation statements and decisions of both the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.”

Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar

BTW – There were no issues in Montgomery County using sharpies; if you voted with a sharpie, your vote has been counted. Something not widely know is that in West Conshy the Republicans won every seat, of the voters that voted in person; a red sweep!