No matter who ends up in the White House, we can’t let the 2020 General Election result in the end of fair and honest elections. We need voting machines with fully audited software (maybe open source is the way to go). Most importantly we need for the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and the PA Supreme Court to be held accountable for the illegal actions takes that enabled election fraud. Make sure you let our state officials know we want action now; so the next election will actually reflect the will of the voters.

In Pennsylvania, considered the battleground of the battleground states, the Democrat governor, attorney general, and secretary of state made and enforced multiple changes to the state’s voting procedures, all of which were intended to assist the Democrats and Biden. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, whose seven justices are elected, has a 5-2 Democrat majority. (In 2018, there was a big push by the Democrat Party to fill three of the seats with Democrats, and it succeeded.) Just months before the general election, that court rewrote the state election laws to eliminate signature requirements or signature matching, eliminate postal markings that were intended to ensure votes were timely, and extended the counting of mail-in ballots to Friday at 5:00 p.m. (state law had a hard date and time — election day on Tuesday, which ended at 8:00 p.m. ET), thereby fundamentally altering Pennsylvania’s election laws and nullifying the federal constitutional role of the Republican legislature.

Mark Levin