The Communists are in complete control of the Federal government. Correction they are BACK in control. The communists (globalists, progressives, democrats whatever they call themselves) have been in control for decades. Thanks to Mr. Trump, millions more of us now realize what is going on. President Trump’s superpower was making the left show their true selves. Thank you Mr. Trump!

Things are bad and will get worst but we don’t have to curl up in a ball. Thanks to the MSM we are flying blind but much has been revealed in their attack on President Trump. The extent of the election fraud shows that our population is not as “blue” as they would have us believe. After decades of left control, of major urban areas, they still need to commit fraud to secure the election result they want. That has to mean that even “deep blue” areas have only a thin majority or maybe are not actually in the majority.

So, what do we do now? The single biggest power we still have is how we spend our money.

1) Stop buying Chinese products. Easier said than done, at this point in time but the more we purchase non-Chinese products the more non-Chinese products that will be available.

2) Stop giving money to organizations that hate you. Refuse to fund the MSM. Stop feeding the beast and cancel all your subscriptions. Spend your money on your self education and on tools to make your life better. If you must be entertained check out the library, they have much more than just books.

3) Our schools have been overrun by communists. Our children are no longer educated they are indoctrinated. Stop sending your kids to college, set them up in their own business or send them to trade schools instead. Putting our children in public school is now a form of child abuse. Home school them or find some alternative.

In an age when all news is fake and everything you do or say is being tracked you need to set up a circle of trust. That way, reliable information can circulate in the circles and you will be able to find out which businesses and individuals you can support because they are within a circle of trust connected to your circle.

The number one thing we need to focus on is restoring honest elections. Thanks to the over whelming support for Mr. Trump, the Democrats were forced to reveal their techniques and there can not be any doubt that our voting and vote counting processes have been compromised. Without the ability to vote we can not have a republic. Thanks to President Trump many state and local offices were won by Trump supports. We need to leverage that in our efforts to restore integrity to the election process.

Keep your eye on the ball and the main ball is restoring honest elections.