The left may have hijacked the election process at the Federal level. However, there is a way to fight back and that is to win state and local offices. Here in West Conshy there are opportunities for four (4) Council seats, three (3) school board seats, the Mayor’s office and two (2) election inspectors.

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If you want to run for office, petition packets are now available on the county website. A recent change to the process is that circulators do not need to notarize petitions but candidates will still need to notarize their candidate statement. Keep in mind that petition circulation started Tuesday, February 16th, and they must be filed by Tuesday, March 9th.

Candidate training is scheduled for Monday, February 22nd at 7 pm. All candidates and potential candidates are welcome to attend. If interested use this site’s contact page and we will forward you the RSVP link for the Zoom meeting.

[Hat tip to MoreThanTheCurve]