What has been publicly released about voting irregularities, seems like voting fraud on a massive scale. Currently the media is gaslighting us to believe that there is no valid evidence of voting fraud.

If there were no evidence of electoral fraud the media would be non-stop broadcasting statements from experts, in statistical analysis, to demonstrate why all of the “red flags” are not valid. Given the reality of the situation, if such “experts” did show up on the news they would be destroyed by the large number of people who analyze data and investigate fraud for a living.

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Scott Adams

Scott Adams summed it up this way: “…the dog that didn’t bark; where are all the lefty data experts?”

Author Larry Correia posted a very enlightening Facebook post on this very issue. He asked a simple question:

One quick question, only answer if you have worked in auditing/stats/fraud/investigations/or other data analysis type fields. In your entire career, have you ever seen a case that threw up this many flags that DID NOT turn out to be fraud?

The LONG list of responses, he received, makes it clear – if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck it probably is a duck. It is a long post but it is worth your time to read the whole thing: