The PA Supreme Court finally recognized that the mere sight of a firearm in a vehicle by the police is NOT probable cause to suspect the commission of a crime. Having a weapon with you is nothing more than exercising your god given right to self defense; a right that pre-dates the Second Amendment and the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Joshua Prince, author of the coalition’s brief, said that “the Court, in dismissing the Commonwealth’s position, declared that to permit investigative detention solely to determine whether someone is properly licensed is ‘ultimately untenable, because it would allow a manifestly unacceptable range of ordinary activity to, by itself, justify Terry stops.’”

“This ruling rightly puts an end to abusive, non-justifiable searches of law-abiding gun owners, and it should be relished by all those who support the fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution,” Prince concluded.

The PA Constitution is much more straight forward, on the right to self defense, than the Federal Second Amendment:

§ 21.  Right to bear arms.

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.