Until this morning I hadn’t heard of The Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP). The first I’d heard of them was when I read the item linked below. The organization just held an interstate conference at Carpenters’ Hall in Philadelphia. So, while I’ve managed to miss them on my radar clearly they have been quite successful.

CAP focuses their efforts in combating, whey they term, the “Iron Triangle” of career politicians, bureaucrats, and Big Government lobbyists.

CAP exists to defeat the creatures of the Harrisburg Swamp and elect more employers — capitalists. [CAP leader John] Kennedy says that the state legislature while he was there “hardly had any employers” — and now Pennsylvania leads in “all the wrong things — taxes, unfunded liabilities,” and more. The only way to correct the problem, he says, is to have men and women who have their hearts in changing the system by taking the time out from their private sector careers to serve for a limited time and take on the Iron Triangle.

CAP says they intend to counter the Iron Triangle by:

  • Mobilizing public support for pro-employer, pro-taxpayer legislation;
  • Exposing lawmakers who vote against employers and taxpayers;
  • and Recruiting, training, and helping elect to the General Assembly men and women committed to restoring limited government, economic freedom and personal responsibility as citizen legislators with self-imposed term limits and no pension.

Sounds like an organization I can get behind. I wish them much success and I signed up for their newsletter (https://mailchi.mp/empowerpa.org/email-sign-up).

Their web site is here: https://www.empowerpa.org

Source item: https://spectator.org/caps-capitalist-revolt-spreads/