It isn’t enough that both political parties act basically the same when in power. The progressive left has long pushed for federal elections to be all but certain victories for Democrats. Their efforts currently have 40 plus percent of voters willing to vote for the Democrat candidate, no matter who they are.

The left had high hopes that after eight years of Obama, followed by eight years of Hillary, well over fifty percent of voters would consistently vote Democrat. [note: not 51% of eligible voters but the majority of those that actually vote]  As we all know, after the results of the 2016 election, that plan has been put on hold.

Clearly more extreme measures need to be put in place to ensure a Democratic victory in the next presidential election. Following the classic progressive play book, the rules surrounding elections and voting need to be “enhanced”:

  • Undermine the Electoral College by having blue states bypass it
  • Extend the vote to 16 year olds; leveraging the influence of progressive teachers
  • Allow felons to vote; who hopefully blame being incarcerated on Republicans
  • Reduce requirements for voter identification
  • Permit same day voter registration
  • Allow undocumented immigrants to vote in local elections
  • Expand the use of absentee ballots to facilitate vote harvesting in close elections

Expanding and changing the present voter base and altering how we vote is mostly about power, not principles. Without these radical changes, a majority of American voters, in traditional and time-honored elections, will likely not vote for the unpopular progressive agenda.