In accordance with the Montgomery County Republican Committee bylaws, all area and municipal committees must reorganize (elect committee officers) by the end of June. The West Conshohocken committee is part of PAGOP Area 5. The other municipal committees in Area 5 are Bridgeport and Upper Merion.

The Area 5 reorganization meeting was held earlier in the month. The results of the elections held that evening are:

Area 5 Republican Committee

  • Chair: Monique McLaughlin (pictured above middle)
  • ViceChair: Oxana Holubowsky
  • Treasurer: Lisa Fegan
  • Secretary: Bill Pierce

Municipal Committee Chairman

  • Bridgeport: Bill Pierce
  • Upper Merion: Mike Napolitan
  • West Conshohocken: Guy Davis

Please join me in wishing these committee officers good luck and much success, as they work to improve and strengthen our local Republican party.