Over the years Dr. Thomas Sowell has written a number if thought provoking articles.  Uncharacteristically the linked source item doesn’t offer any revelations mainly due to the fact, that for anyone who has paused to think about, declaring voter ID requirements racist is an obvious lie.

As for race-based “voter suppression,” amid all the political hysteria, how many hard facts have you heard? Probably none that supports that claim. Widely available free photo identification cards mean that poverty is no barrier to voting.

Since blacks and whites both have to show photo I.D. for everything from cashing checks to getting on a plane, why has requiring a photo I.D. for voting caused such shrill outcries?

Having Dr. Sowell speak out on this issue is helpful. Unfortunately requiring an ID to vote isn’t the silver bullet against voter fraud that many people think it is. Getting an ID, even if you aren’t a citizen, isn’t difficult. Don’t get me wrong, we should require an ID to vote but recognize that it isn’t so much a hurdle to fraud, as it is more a speed bump.

Many other steps need to be taken in order to reduce voter fraud:

  • Regular cleansing of voter rolls
  • Stiff penalties for voter fraud
  • No vote by mail
  • Discontinue early voting (aids fraudsters by indicating how many votes need to be manufactured to win)
  • Absentee ballots only for members of the military
  • Increased security for the chain of custody of ballot “boxes”
  • Vote paper trail by optically-scanned paper ballots
  • Inked fingers to prevent multiple voting by an individual

The “motor voter” process is flawed in that non-citizens can intentionally or inadvertently register to vote. Interestingly one of the methods Canada uses to construct their voter list is to pull from the federal and provincial tax databases. Done correctly using government data sources could potentially reduce fraud and eliminate the need for a specific voter registration process.

Perhaps the biggest voter fraud of all is the fraud against black voters, by telling them bogey man stories, in order to try to get them to come out on election day to vote for Democrats.

Source: https://www.creators.com/read/thomas-sowell/11/14/voter-fraud-and-voter-id