“Qualified Immunity” is a judge-created doctrine with zero basis in the Constitution.

For the last several years, Cato has been leading the campaign to abolish qualified immunity, an atextual, ahistorical judicial doctrine that shields state officials from liability, even when they violate people’s constitutional rights.

There isn’t much hope that legislators will ever reform government bureaucracies. Should, by some miracle, the Supreme Court remove qualified immunity citizens would then have some chance to reform and curtail egregious abuses of government power by bureaucrats.

…by the morning of Monday, May 18th, we will finally know whether the Justices are prepared to confront one of the most pernicious and legally baseless doctrines in the history of the Court.

Source: https://www.cato.org/blog/may-15th-supreme-court-will-finally-decide-whether-hear-cases-calling-abolition-qualified