The whole reason for the Governor having an Emergency Declaration power is to give the legislature time to come up to speed, on an urgent situation, and then act. It should only take a related action (or deciding not to act) on the part of the General Assembly to cancel an emergency declaration. Instead the PA Supreme Court has now made it extremely difficult to overturn an Emergency Declaration.

Last week the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the legislature could not end an emergency declaration with a simple majority. Instead, and despite the clear language of the statute, the Supreme Court ruled that the Governor could veto the concurrent resolution. The legislature would need a two-thirds majority in both chambers to override the veto. For comparison, impeachment requires a simple majority in the House and a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate.

Please consider helping the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) in their efforts to to defeat Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Shapiro has repeatedly ignored executive branch overreach and participated in multiple lawsuits to overturn regulatory changes made by the Trump administration.