The source item lists 10 laws that would improve the federal restrictions on gun ownership. Most of the suggested laws are actually repealing or amending prior bad legislation.

For decades the NRA focused on overturning restrictions on right-to-carry laws that many states had imposed. It makes sense to put a similar focus on correcting federal gun restrictions.

In the early 1980s, only six states had right-to-carry laws. By the time of Heller, there were 42, accounting for three-fourths of the U.S. population. These laws led to a massive increase in Americans’ acquisitions of handguns and a massive increase in the number of Americans carrying handguns for protection away from home, and coincided with a sharp decrease in murders and other violent crimes.

The author, of this list of gun law improvements, does remind us that opening federal gun laws to modification gives the Democrats an opportunity to make the laws even worst than they are.

Attempts to change federal gun laws for the better should be approached with caution, however. If the necessary bills were introduced, Democrats would attempt to amend them for the worse before final passage and they might succeed.

That’s what happened before Congress approved the otherwise favorable Firearms Owners’ Protection Act of 1986. Without a roll call vote, and with many House members not on the floor, Democrats snuck through an amendment by Bill Hughes (D-N.J.) to prohibit new fully-automatic firearms, laying the groundwork for their campaign against semi-automatic firearms two and a half years later.

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