West Conshohocken mayor Gregory Wesley-Lynch, was among a group of 10 local Democratic mayors who signed a public letter of support for Mark Barbee the mayor of Bridgeport; who claims his town is racist. In last year’s election, Bridgeport voted for Mr. Barbee to become their first black and first openly gay mayor.

Barbee’s critics say their complaints have nothing to do with the mayor’s race — or sexual orientation.  They say they simply disagree with him over policy and approach.

It is Mayor Barbee’s position that the reason that multiple police chiefs and two council members have resigned is because Bridgeport is filled with hate and is racist.

…in May, Police Chief Mark Shannon announced his resignation, effective in August. Shannon, a longtime Norristown police veteran, had been in the position for only a few months. In a statement at the time, Shannon said Barbee had overstepped his bounds by not allowing him to run the department as he saw fit. His departure marked the third time in as many years that a borough police chief had left the department.

The Philly.com article goes into detail about why the mayor views these events as race motivated. For some reason, the item doesn’t mention any incidents of the mayor attempting to use the police force for political ends. Searching the article for “republican” returns no hits.

When Bridgeport elects a black, gay mayor they are secretly racist. When the citizens, police and council members are unhappy with how that mayor is running the town, they are filled with hate. When a Democratic mayor plays the race card all the other local Democratic mayors back him up; no questions asked apparently. When a black, gay mayor calls the town that elected him racist, the media doesn’t dig too deep into the quality of the mayor’s governance or other possible reasons for the division in the town; it’s racism – has to be.

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