I was unable to attend the July 10th Council meeting. That is the session in which the anti-discrimination bill was passed. I am curious as to any discussion that might have taken place.

Here it is a few days short of a month and the minutes, of that session, have yet to be posted. I’m not sure what the legal requirements are, as to how long the borough has to publish the minutes but a month seems like a long time. Granted it is summer vacation time and likely the person that generates the minutes has been away for part of the month.

It will be interesting to see if the July minutes are posted before the next session on August 14th.

Pennsylvania Sunshine Act

Note: Just learned that the previous month’s minutes are not published to the public until they are approved by council and approved at the next public meeting. So, all minutes are a month old before they are posted. Guess I was never waiting to see the meeting minutes before – my mistake.